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Warm Up Your Cold Calls with the #1 Auto Dialer App

Swiftly Dial Through Leads TO Close More Deals In Less Time

Call tons of leads quickly and manage them intelligently from first contact through close. SwiftCall has been called “a prospecting game changer,” and our customers brag about receiving “help within seconds” when they need support. SwiftCall has made it into the Top 25 Business Apps, and is available for iPhone and iPad. 

SwiftCall is a sales auto dialer and mobile CRM that makes calling lots of people easy. Create call lists and the app will navigate through them so goals are easy to meet. Keep notes while on calls and swiftly take follow-up actions without leaving the app. SwiftCall tracks progress with each lead and uses a proprietary algorithm to determine which leads are more promising. 

A Dashboard of analytics helps track performance and show achievements earned during call sessions. The dashboard shows a daily counter for calls, deals closed, and revenue earned, as well as a weekly and lifetime support. When a call session goes well, the app will give an achievement as a reward to help motivate future success.

Collaboration is easy with SwiftCall. Share leads with other team members to make calling large lead lists easy. Further, create analytics reports to share to measure team performance. With a one-time download fee for each SwiftCall copy, a better price for CRM software cannot be found.

Download today to start setting and meeting ambitious sales goals!

Reviews & Pricing

Check out SwiftCall on the App Store to see its awesome reviews and competitive pricing. A better deal cannot be found for an auto dialer app: SwiftCall is a one-time purchase, with no subscriptions or in-app purchases (just like the rest of Adventurate's apps).

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Feature Highlights

Auto Dialer ☎️

Swiftly dial through leads without having to dial phone numbers.

Dashboard Analytics 📈

Review past performance and call sessions. Earn achievements for outstanding call sessions.

Collaboration Is 🔑

Share and import leads to easily work as a team using SwiftCall. Create analytics reports to measure team performance.

Call Planner 📅

Schedule the next call without leaving the app. Receive notifications when the time comes.

Follow-Up Emails And Texts 📧

Create email templates to follow-up without leaving the app.

Document Progress ⚡️

Store all information for leads in one place. Stop scanning between an excel file and a phone or using a notepad.

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