Chip Moreno, Northpoint Mortgage

SwiftCall is the single most valuable piece of software I have ever purchased. SwiftCall does exactly what it says you claim it will do, and for me that deserves 5 stars. Whether you are talking about software or people, I ask “does this person do what they say they’re going to do?” Very few things do that nowadays, but SwiftCall does. 

SwiftCall has made me a lot of money. The call sessions are the best feature for me, just being able to have the lists ready and being able to begin and finish a session is key.

For a one-time purchase of $30, it’s also higher value than the other auto dialers I’ve tried. Paying the amount of money for SwiftCall compared to the ROI, if you are able to make 75% more calls in a day, that means you can make 75% more sales. Give this app a shot, it is really useful for anyone in sales or business.